Thanks to its experience and knowledge of the market, Infomaniak is building its reputation by developing one of the most complete and attractive hosting offers on the market. By calling on a recognised specialist, you benefit not only from the best prices, but also from exclusive options aimed at making your life easier and optimising your online presence.

In this article, we present the domain name management options developed by Infomaniak. We also provide examples of how to use them and look at the main issues to help you make the most of your domain.

Do you need to take a domain name option?

RENEWAL WARRANTY: guarantees you’ll keep your domain

A useful service that stops you losing your professional domains

Your domain represents your brand, so its loss can have a serious impact. However, scenarios that lead to the expiry of a domain name are more common than you might think. Prolonged absences, obsolete contact email addresses, blocked payment methods, invoices that land in the junk folder, etc.: we know from experience that it’s easy to miss the domain name renewal deadline.

What might happen if you lost control of your domain name? Website down, email addresses blocked, disappearance of search engine optimisation (SEO): losing your domain constitutes a major disruption to both business and brand image.

To avoid that happening, Infomaniak offers Renewal Warranty: the water-tight assurance that you’ll never lose your domain name. Infomaniak goes far further than the conventional automatic renewal services that don’t cover all scenarios. With Renewal Warranty, Infomaniak uses its own funds to individually renew your domain for an additional year. If your payment method is blocked or you miss the renewal deadline for whatever reason, Infomaniak will renew your domain for you at no extra cost and your domain will remain yours, whatever happens. When Renewal Warranty is activated, Infomaniak’s support team will attempt to contact you by all possible means so you can stabilise the situation and facilitate your service for the long term. It means your domain remains protected and no third party can take possession of it.

Anyone can benefit from Renewal Warranty:

This option applies purely to your domain name, not your hosting, which can be anywhere.

Fast Anycast DNS: accelerates access to your website worldwide

Competition between companies is becoming increasingly international. Your website must be able to be displayed instantly, no matter where it’s being viewed. Access speed and website availability have become key criteria for judging the image and quality of a company’s services on the internet: search engines like Google and Bing now include speed as an SEO criterion.

Security + speed + SEO: Fast Anycast DNS guarantees optimal access times to your website, whatever the circumstances. By activating this option, Infomaniak replicates the DNS servers of your domain name in several distributed server networks around the globe. Automatically directed to the nearest server, visitors systematically benefit from an access time that’s 34% faster on average. This speed bump has an impact on your SEO at an international level. Fast Anycast DNS also protects your website against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and enhances the security and availability of your website, even in the event of disruption.

Anyone can accelerate their website with Fast Anycast DNS

This option applies purely to your domain name, not your hosting, which can be anywhere.

DOMAIN PRIVACY: anonymises a domain and protects your personal information

So that your business remains your business

Spam, information privacy, data confidentiality, business secrecy and cybercrime: domain names are often poorly protected against threats. WHOIS search engines publicly display information relating to the domain name holder (name, phone number, email and postal address). This information is often collected and used by malicious actors and marketing companies.

For reasons of privacy or to safeguard your activities, it’s worth your while protecting your personal information with an “anonymous domain name“.

To easily anonymise your domains, Infomaniak offers Domain Privacy, an option that renders your personal data inaccessible to the public. Domain Privacy substitutes WHOIS information with that of a neutral entity based in Switzerland. The only way to contact the holder of an anonymised domain name is through a secure and anonymous contact form. It means that your domain is protected against spam, business intelligence services (open source information) and fraud.

Anyone can protect their anonymity with DOMAIN PRIVACY

This option applies purely to your domain name, not your hosting, which can be anywhere.

EV and DV SSL CERTIFICATES: secure your website with HTTPS and inspire confidence in your visitors

HTTPS and SSL certificates are now essential:

  • Am I really on the official website?
  • Is it secure?
  • Is it safe for me to sign in or make a transaction?

Consumer awareness surrounding security is growing: people are rejecting sites they consider unsafe:

  • Their browser displays a deterrent security warning
  • There’s no “padlock” next to the website’s URL
  • The company name isn’t shown in the address window next to the padlock

To build trust on the internet, companies are turning to professional (EV and DV) SSL certificates, which offer immediate security guarantees to visitors. Certificates certify the authenticity of your site and cover your users in the event of problems.

In a bid to promote a more secure web experience and the democratisation of SSL, Infomaniak offers EV and DV SSL certificates at the lowest prices in the market. Manually validated by the world’s leading certification authority (Comodo/Sectigo), these certificates activate security features that are easily identifiable by the public. The name of your company is displayed in the padlock window. In addition, your users are covered by a warranty of up to $1,750,000. Available to companies listed in the commercial register, self-employed professionals and individuals, Infomaniak’s SSL certificates provide your users with an instant sense of security. Finally, the security associated with your domain name promotes the SEO of your site in search engines.

Anyone can secure their website with Infomaniak’s SSL certificates

This option applies purely to your domain name, not your hosting, which can be anywhere.

Infomaniak for domains: price, support and many unique features

As an ICANN-accredited registrar, Infomaniak manages more than 400,000 domains and negotiates the best prices for the most common domain extensions. We offer a number of benefits:

  • Recognised and accredited Swiss registrar (ICANN, Switch, Afnic, etc.)
  • Professional email address included with each domain
  • Free personal web page (10 MB of FTP space)
  • Support in 5 languages easily accessible by email, chat and phone
  • Easy-to-use management console
  • Best rates on the market
  • Climate-neutral company
  • More than 450 domain extensions available
  • DNSSEC security included free of charge

Your questions about the options offered with a domain name at Infomaniak

What’s the difference between Renewal Warranty and automatic renewal?

With Renewal Warranty, Infomaniak explicitly commits to renewing your domain name in all circumstances, even if your payment method fails. So whatever happens, you retain ownership of your domain and all your services continue to function without interruption. The Infomaniak team will attempt to contact you by all possible means to make sure you can stabilise your domain situation without incurring extra costs before the following year’s deadline.

Must my website be hosted by Infomaniak to accelerate access times to the website using Fast Anycast DNS?

No. You can benefit from Fast Anycast DNS as soon as you entrust us with managing your domain name. To do so, nothing could be easier: simply order or transfer your domain name to Infomaniak. Should you need us, our support service is at your disposal every day of the week.

Is Domain Privacy useful, despite the fact that some extensions (e.g. .ch and .fr) protect some information?

Yes. Unlike the partial protection afforded by these extensions, Domain Privacy anonymises all information relating to domain name holders. No information escapes. The protection covers individuals as well as companies.

My website already has a free SSL certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt. How do I know if I need a professional certificate (which I have to pay for)?

Free SSL certificates are the reserve of personal pages and private websites. Companies listed in the commercial register and self-employed professionals equip themselves with appropriate certificates: EV SSL certificates or DV SSL certificates. Infomaniak offers them at the most competitive prices in the market.

We recommend this article taken from Infomaniak’s webinar by way of guidance. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you have any questions.

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