Virtuozzo Cloud is revolutionising the cloud hosting world as a high-end alternative to AWS or Google Cloud Platform. Easier to use, more flexible, and hosted exclusively in Switzerland, Virtuozzo Cloud is based on cutting-edge infrastructure that is both dynamic and totally scalable and supports rapid development, testing, and roll-out of your sites and web applications.

The fully virtualised PaaS solution from Infomaniak makes it possible to design bespoke architectures and roll out any kind of technology (Java, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Kubernetes, Docker, etc.) in just a few clicks. Thanks to vertical and horizontal resizing of resources, Virtuozzo Cloud is able to adjust dynamically to any infrastructure based on demand and thereby ensure the availability and fluidity of sites and applications.

Virtuozzo Cloud gives you sophisticated tools for delivering your projects more cheaply:

  • Choose your architecture: load balancing, clustering, auto scaling
  • Guarantee very high availability for your sites and applications with just one click
  • Only pay for the resources you use

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Kubernetes, Docker, Ruby, Node.js, Java, PHP, Python, WordPress, etc.: technologies and languages ready to use with Marketplace

Each to their own. Like most project sponsors and businesses, you need to focus as much as possible on your own development rather than waste precious time configuring or maintaining custom-made architecture.

Devised to make you more effective, Virtuozzo Cloud hosting from Infomaniak allows you to roll out your chosen technologies without having to go through all the various installation or maintenance phases. Directly accessible from Marketplace, dozens of applications and languages in the form of preconfigured and optimised packages can be installed with just one click.

Virtuozzo Cloud automates the various roll-out processes by creating application environments on your behalf. This means your team can start working in an optimal configuration in just a few seconds and concentrate on code rather than system administration issues.

Create a bespoke architecture in the cloud without any special expertise

With Virtuozzo Cloud, bespoke architectures are no longer the preserve of experts. As a case in point, this example is based on the roll-out of the blogging platform Ghost, which requires the creation of a specific environment with Node.js:

Installation of Ghost: the alternative to WordPress and Medium

Praised by online publishing professionals, the CMS known as Ghost is a compelling combination of effectiveness, lightness, and fluidity. Already used by brands such as Tinder, Mozilla and even Revolut, the blog engine is based on the Node.js technology favoured by both web giants and start-ups. Virtuozzo Cloud makes it possible to roll out Ghost in a just a few clicks from its Marketplace:

It only takes one click to install Ghost automatically within a totally flexible infrastructure. Virtuozzo Cloud takes care of everything. All you need to do is create your user account and then start creating your site with Ghost.

Roll out websites as a cluster

The Virtuozzo Cloud Marketplace allows you to do even more, without any specialist knowledge. As described here, it is really easy for you to create environments designed to ensure very high availability levels for sites and applications:

Load sharers, application servers, redundant databases: Virtuozzo Cloud makes it possible to roll out containerised applications, within all types of architecture and with no effort at all.

Thanks to horizontal resizing of resources, Virtuozzo Cloud is able to multiply the instances of a site or application based on demand. As a result, end users benefit from a fluid experience, whatever the load or traffic levels.

Virtuozzo Cloud is able to roll out a wide range of applications as a cluster in the same way (WordPress, Magento, Typo3, xwiki, Atlassian Confluence, Docker, MySQL, etc.). You can find a detailed example in this article, which explains how to install WordPress as a cluster.

Cloud server or Virtuozzo Cloud? How do you choose your cloud hosting arrangement?

Our range of professional hosting solutions has been developed to cover developers’ various needs across the board.

Virtuozzo Cloud is positioned as an alternative to AWS and Google Platform and, unlike our cloud server offer, features the following characteristics:

  • access to more technologies (Kubernetes, Docker, Ruby, Java, Redis, Postgre, Nginx, Varnish, etc.)
  • (hot) dynamic vertical and horizontal resizing
  • payment based on use

These benefits make it the ideal solution for projects associated with variable use of resources. We invite you to discover various case studies of Virtuozzo Cloud in this article, which provides a detailed description of its benefits and how it works.

Cloud servers offer a particularly interesting solution for projects where the need for resources is predictable and stable. They offer access to tried-and-tested technologies and provide vertically adjustable dedicated resources. The cloud server guarantees dedicated resources based on a very competitive constant power/price ratio.

Secure, Swiss-based cloud hosting

Exclusively hosted in Switzerland, the Infomaniak cloud is based on the high-end OpenStack infrastructure used by companies the world over, including some of the web’s biggest players. As a benchmark PaaS solution, Virtuozzo works with a selection of hand-picked partners to deliver a service of impeccable quality.

Infomaniak is tested regularly and is beginning to establish itself among the most competitive and reliable providers in the market. Attractive prices, availability of the latest updates, infrastructure performance levels, and quality of support: Infomaniak goes straight to the top of the class (5*).

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