Infomaniak demonstrates an unwavering commitment to safety by obtaining its first ISO 27001certification. This standard defines the highest requirements for the organization and management of information security. As the leader in premium web hosting, Infomaniak maintains increased security safeguards and a continuous improvement approach deeply rooted in its philosophy.

Infomaniak is pursuing a global approach to data security

Infomaniak stands out for its integrated management of security. Relying on the principle of “security by design”, the company establishes objectives and guidelines to enable constant monitoring of its processes. From the first stages of development to the deployment of products and services, the emphasis is on the security of the data.

An example of this constant focus: every meeting concerning a product always begins with a “security” update. In addition, whether it involves customers, employees or suppliers, the specific characteristics of all the stakeholders are incorporated into the evaluations. This systematic approach enables Infomaniak to detect and eliminate risks before they occur.

ISO 27001: the most exacting standard

Infomaniak continues its commitment to the security and confidentiality of ultra-sensitive information like financial data and bank card data.

The housing offer in Infomaniak’s secure data centres is the first to receive ISO 27001 certification. This success honours the important work of validating and implementing the continuous improvement processes carried out upstream by Infomaniak teams. With this acquisition, the Swiss hosting service is now in the process of extending this certification to all of the company’s activities.

The receipt of this certification is an opportunity to note that Infomaniak has also received the sustainable development prize and has held ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certification since 2015 for its exemplary environmental and energy management.

Strategically located in the heart of Europe, Infomaniak has made the integrity of its data its highest priority since its origin. Its infrastructure and ongoing commitment enable it to anticipate tomorrow’s security challenges and to position itself as a digital safe for companies in Switzerland and the world.

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