Many of you have an NAS server at your home or business. The most common are servers from the Synology brand.

At Infomaniak, we use multiple NAS Synology servers for different types of uses: we use some of them to backup our fifty workstations, we use others to share files internally. One of them is also used only to back up all our Synology servers.

The idea came to us to also offer you these NAS Synology servers in the form of a rental in the company Datacenter, an ultra-secure, ultra-redundant site, the most environmentally-friendly in Switzerland.

  • 1 Gbps connectivity
  • Fixed IP address
  • Unlimited upload bandwidth from your Synology server
  • High-end Rackable Synology server
  • Tier III datacenter, N+1 redundant, secure and environmentally-friendly

For your production environment or as a backup server for your own Synology server, you may need this product, which we offer at the most competitive rates:

  • RS214 Synology starting at 35 CHF (€29) per month
  • RS814 Synology starting at 49 CHF (€41) per month
  • RS814+ Synology starting at 78 CHF (€65) per month

A minimum of two hard disks must be added to the NAS:

  • 3 TB starting at 9 CHF per month (€7.50)
  • 4 TB starting at 12 CHF per month (€10)
  • 5 TB starting at 18 CHF per month (€15)

This product is now available here: synology nas server in a datacenter