In the saturated environment the web has become, the ability to attract attention and create a direct link with your audience is more critical than ever. Many people place great expectation on social networks to manage to grab and encourage visits to their websites. However, in recent years the natural scope of publications has decreased considerably while the volume of advertising solicitations has increased. You now have to pay to make so-called “sponsored” content visible. In this battle for the attention of your potential clients and visitors, one tool is still very often under-estimated or under-used: the newsletter.

In this article, you will discover the reasons why email marketing is the most powerful ally for your online activity. We will also give you the steps to follow to easily create and integrate a newsletter on your website.

5 reasons to launch your newsletter

First of all, you need to understand that newsletters are no longer just for large companies. Because the tools are easily available, nowadays creating email campaigns is a piece of cake! Whether you are an SME, a collectivity, a charity or even a blogger, the opportunities offered by newsletters are endless.

Here are at least five reasons why you should create a newsletter or exploit email marketing potential:

  1. Creating a channel of direct communication with your visitors
  2. Developing a relationship of trust with your audience
  3. Providing value and highlighting your expertise for your potential clients
  4. Developing and controlling a regular source of traffic for your site
  5. Taking advantage of powerful lead conversion

Newsletters are therefore the natural extension of your website and can enhance the performance of your online activities.

They mainly allow you to…

  • create a long-lasting relationship of trust with your visitors and your clients, providing them with an added-value regarding a specific subject area
  • create calls to action with much higher conversion rates than on social networks or traditional sales pages
  • create personalised scenarios to automatically convert your visitors into targeted potential clients

The foundations for launching your newsletter

Define a strategy

Before setting up a newsletter on your site, it is essential to define how you are going to exploit it and what you are going to communicate to your subscribers through this medium. Ask yourself how you can provide your readers with a service and how you can address their main concerns. The better you know your visitors, the more you will be able to offer them a valid reason for subscribing to your newsletter.

Choose an emailing service

It is important to choose an emailing service which meets the following criteria:

  • ease of use
  • exemplary deliverability rates
  • fees which are attractive and ideally not based on the volume of your contacts
  • emails which are perfectly compatible with mobiles and tablets
  • possibility of easily exporting your contacts if necessary
  • quality support
  • flexibility of the service

Infomaniak’s Newsletter tool offers all these guarantees with the following advantages:

  • no subscription (payment on use)
  • volume discount and free credits every month (find out more)
  • advanced segmentation of contacts (e.g. easily get in touch with subscribers who have not opened a specific message or those who have clicked on a specific link)

In the coming months, Infomaniak will also add a scenario editor with conditions and triggers for sending campaigns. It will be even easier to create bespoke campaigns and to classify your subscribers, particularly for online commerce.

To start off, you just need a domain name and a sender email address. Once your Infomaniak account is created, you just need to integrate a registration form onto your site and personalise the message your subscribers will receive when they register. If you already have contact lists, you can import them in a few clicks. Everything is made simple.

Now you just need to prepare and send a newsletter to attract the contacts of your choice. Your newsletters will of course look as good on a mobile phone as on a desktop computer. Thanks to the statistics, you will be able to see what interests your subscribers most and improve the performance of your future campaigns.

Thanks to the integrated models, you can quickly create attractive newsletters.

4 important pieces of advice to avoid failure

In order to ensure every chance of success, we recommend the following best practices for your newsletter:

  1. Only write to contacts who have explicitly given their consent (in no event use bought contact lists or those found on the internet).
  2. Only send content related to the newsletter’s original purpose.
  3. Write to your suscribers regularly. Otherwise, they might forget who you are and mark your emails as spam, which means your account runs the risk of being blocked.
  4. Offer a simple way of unsubscribing to your subscribers (the Infomaniak tool takes care of this automatically).

If you already have contact lists, you can check their validity by using services like Neverbounce, Xverify or MailGet. Finally, we also recommend that you read this article which details how you can increase the deliverability rate for your newsletters.

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