The Swiss start-up, Deeplink, based at the EPFL, is currently revolutionising the interaction between companies and their customers. To accompany its rapid growth and ensure data protection, this gem of a company has decided to place its trust in the new on-demand infrastructure from Infomaniak. For several months, the Infomaniak cloud has driven the entire artificial intelligence platform operated by Welcome to the future of customer interaction

How much time do we spend waiting on the telephone when we call a company or a public service? It’s always too long, isn’t it? Whether you are a company employee or a customer, you sometimes spend hours resolving a request for assistance or an IT problem or simply finding the right answers to your questions. With the generalisation of online services, which inevitably increases the number of users, companies and public administrations are faced with an increasing number of difficulties. The company provides a future-oriented solution which is the very foundation of its success.

Virtual operatives endowed with artificial intelligence

To provide an effective response to this problem, Deeplink has developed an AI platform in the form of a SaaS (Software as a Service) in order to create virtual operatives with no IT knowledge.

“Our technology resolves the main difficulties which are inevitably encountered in this sector. To simplify the acquisition of training data, a process which is often long and difficult, we have developed an ultra-quick data collection system incorporated directly into the platform. This results in an almost immediate ROI (at this scale, of course), as it takes only a few weeks or even only a few days, to deploy an operative effectively.” Jérôme Berthier, CEO of

Making the life of all users easier technology adapts to all configurations in the field. It facilitates the management of multi-chatbots (possibility of having one virtual assistant per department but a single point of entry for the end user). It also successfully manages multi-language, a key consideration for Switzerland or Belgium, for example.

Infomaniak Public Cloud: a sign of confidence when working with banks and public administrations

The banking sector and administrative services are showing increasing interest in virtual assistants such as those provided by Deeplink.

Guaranteeing data confidentiality

“There are very few companies in this sector capable of hosting this type of customer, as they are not necessarily able to ensure data sovereignty. That is precisely what we offer our customers. With Infomaniak, the artificial intelligence platform and the data are stored solely in Switzerland.” Jérôme Berthier

Need for a scalable and competitive infrastructure

“We had to find an IaaS-type infrastructure capable of assuming an increasing load while benefiting from highly competitive rates. This is an essential consideration for a start-up, and in particular for Deeplink as all the activity takes place in the cloud.” Jérôme Berthier

To operate its AI platform, Deeplink has deployed its entire architecture in the Infomaniak cloud infrastructure. From a technical standpoint, is based on an API micro-services architecture. The service uses JavaScript, Vue.Js and Typescript technologies for the front-end and python for the back-end. The databases are PostgreSQL. employs both a conventional infrastructure, with CPUs and memory, and a more specific system of GPUs for its artificial intelligence motors. Naturally, it can resize its resources according to requirements and the growth of its businesses.

Easy migration from AWS to the Infomaniak Public Cloud

For Deeplink, the first challenge was to acquire a “dockerised” platform in order to resize the infrastructure more easily if required. Another challenge was to test the elasticity of our storage solutions and the increasing load on our GPUs:

“Infomaniak immediately grasped the challenges facing us as a start-up. We benefited from support when migrating from AWS and everything ran smoothly. That is what I enjoy most about my relationship with the people in the team. Despite their success, they remain reactive and committed to their customers. It’s not a particularly attractive word on a sales brochure, but I really feel as if I have a “partner” with me.” Jérôme Berthier

Public Cloud: an independent IaaS solution that moves with the times

With kDrive, Infomaniak Public Cloud is the most keenly anticipated launch in the history of Infomaniak. Companies perform a vast migration to the cloud and demand for an independent infrastructure on demand (IaaS) is soaring. The Infomaniak cloud infrastructure is already capable of meeting the vast majority of the requirements expressed by companies and will continue evolving in order to satisfy the needs of companies and public administrations.

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