Here is Infomaniak Public Cloud: our infrastructure on demand (IaaS) providing companies with flexible and attractive IT resources. Calling on over 10 years of experience, this solution is developed and hosted exclusively in Switzerland and is designed for all companies and public organisations which want to migrate their IT to a sovereign cloud. Here, you know where your data are, you benefit from personalised accompaniment, you are not locked in by proprietary technologies and you pay a fair price.

High performance. Hosted in Switzerland. Fair price.

Developed in-house by Infomaniak employees previously at CERN and in the Debian and OpenStack communities, our infrastructure as a service is the result of more than 10 years’ experience and is driven by state-of-the-art components. Infomaniak Suite’s online tools (kDrive, kMeet, Mail, Calendar, etc.), Swiss Backup and SwissTransfer have been powered by this technology from the very beginning, which represents millions of users and petabytes of data on a daily basis.

“The new generation of AMD CPU offers us unprecedented performance. The price/core ratio has never been so attractive and we offer the users of our Public Cloud the chance to benefit from this.” Thomas Goirand (alias Zigo), OpenStack Engineer & Debian Developer

Boosted by AMD 32-core EPIC processors, 6th-generation NVME storage and NVidia T4 GPUs, the Infomaniak Public Cloud boasts staggering performances and is hosted exclusively in Switzerland in the Infomaniak data centres. All this at more aggressive rates than those offered by the GAFAM group or other OpenStack Public Cloud providers.

“Cloud infrastructures on-demand have become absolutely essential for companies keen to reduce infrastructure costs while becoming more dynamic. There is a very high demand for such services in this sector. We distinguish ourselves with an extremely robust solution that is highly aggressive in financial terms. With our offer, companies retain their freedom and are not captive in proprietary solutions”. Marc Oehler, CEO of Infomaniak

The smallest instance (1 CPU, 2 GB RAM) starts at €2.65/month, or CHF 2.95/month, and you pay only for the resources actually consumed, with the possibility of adjusting the computing power needed on demand.

Users opening an account receive 300.- to get started, allowing businesses to enjoy a taste of the power of our infrastructure and students to hone their skills with large-scale projects.

Driven by OpenStack, an open source technology recognised worldwide

NASA, CERN, Adobe, Deutsche Telekom AG, T-Mobile, Blizzard Entertainment, Tencent, AT&T and Carrefour: OpenStack is a technology tried and tested around the world to which Infomaniak contributes directly.

Thanks to its interoperability, this technology can be incorporated just as well into a local infrastructure as it can a multi cloud or hybrid solution, thereby enabling companies to migrate their IT gradually to the cloud. Initially to ensure the scalability and a back-up of their infrastructure in the cloud and subsequently by migrating entirely to the cloud. Unlike a proprietary solution such as Microsoft Azure, you are free to change provider at any time.

IT resources and payment on demand

The Public Cloud from Infomaniak gives you access to a full range of cloud computing instances (CPU, GPU, RAM) and cloud storage as well as network (load balancers) and orchestration.

Once you have used the 300.- offered when you open your account, you only pay for the resources actually consumed at the end of each month.

If necessary, the Infomaniak cloud experts can help companies calibrate their infrastructure requirements. The strategy discussed can then be implemented by our network of partners trained by us.

A scalable, ethical and sovereign cloud solution with an aggressive price positioning

By migrating your infrastructures to the Infomaniak cloud, you can store data and develop your activities at a fair price without being dependent on a proprietary solution for which the place of jurisdiction is not subject to local law. The service will continue to evolve in line with market requirements, and our customers will automatically benefit from these developments.

By choosing Infomaniak, your infrastructure will also be climate-neutral and you will contribute to the development of jobs and local know-how. Infomaniak offsets all its CO2 emissions 200%, uses only certified renewable energy and cools its data centres using filtered air only. Our future data centres (2023 in Geneva and 2026 in Zurich) will go even further by making use of the heat generated by the servers to heat residential areas.

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