Infomaniak has released a major update of its privacy-friendly videoconferencing solution. kMeet now allows you to record your online meetings and incorporates new moderation features to manage participants. With SwissTransfer, kPaste and kMeet, Infomaniak is continuing to improve and integrate its free services into its ecosystem.

Record and share your online meetings

Being able to record online meetings (video and audio) is one of the most requested functionalities in this era of working from home. kMeet now allows you to record your video meetings directly in kDrive. Thanks to this integration into the Infomaniak ecosystem, the data is processed and stored exclusively in Switzerland to guarantee confidentiality.

How to record a videoconference

Whether you’re on Windows or Mac, recording an online meeting is easy:

  1. Create a meeting on kMeet:
  2. Start recording from the menu bottom right
  3. Choose the kDrive where you want to store the data. It’s easy!

You can then review or share the meeting directly from your kDrive

Start kDrive for free

Lobby and meeting codes: tools for managing your participants

kMeet introduces the ability to control access to your meetings. A virtual lobby allows you to approve or decline the participation of an invitee.

This update also makes it easier for your invitees to join your meeting from mobile phones: all they have to do is use the kMeet app and punch in the meeting code to join a videoconference.

Brand-new interface

kMeet gets a makeover on mobile and online! More intuitive and more fun, the interface makes it easier to create meetings and puts security options just a click away.

A videoconferencing solution that’s 100% free

Everyone should be able to communicate freely and have their privacy respected. kMeet’s designed to guarantee your security and confidentiality. This service is based on open source technology (Jitsi Meet) and all your data passes exclusively through the Infomaniak Cloud in Switzerland.

Infomaniak doesn’t collect your data. kMeet is financed exclusively through our other paid-for products. If you wish to support a web that respects privacy and the environment, tell everyone about our free services and try our paid-for services such as kDrive, WorkSpace and web hosting to create your websites.

  • kPaste, for sending passwords and sensitive information
  • kMeet, for secure communication
  • SwissTransfer, for sending up to 50 GB to your contacts

kMeet will continue to evolve

We’re continuously improving all our services based on feedback from our community. For instance, you’ll soon be able to create videoconferences when sending an email, and companies will be able to fully customise their videoconferencing tool.

Download kMeet

Anyone can use kMeet. No registration is required. All you have to do is visit to start a meeting.

You can also use a dedicated app if you’d rather: