Since 14 February 2019, Infomaniak has offered, the ultimate solution for sending very large files easily to your correspondents around the world, while strictly respecting privacy and data confidentiality. Initially launched by Infomaniak to test cloud technology, SwissTransfer is now used by almost 2 million users every month in Europe. In this article, we explain why it is a great alternative to WeTransfer.

The high-capacity Swiss alternative to WeTransfer

SwissTransfer is the most powerful and secure free solution for sharing videos, photo albums, presentations and documents easily in your professional and private life:

  • Up to 50 GB in one go
  • Without registration and without advertising
  • Files hosted exclusively in Switzerland
  • Transfers are valid for up to 30 days
  • Number of downloads can be customised (up to 60)
  • Eco-friendly data centers without air conditioning
  • Optional free password protection


If you wish, SwissTransfer allows you to protect your file shares with a password free of charge.


SwissTransfer allows you to share very large files of up to 50 GB. The data is hosted in Infomaniak’s data centers in Switzerland, which are environmentally-friendly.

Share large files without sacrificing privacy

Hosted and developed by the Swiss company Infomaniak, is a free file transfer service that respects your privacy:

  • SwissTransfer is not subject to US and Chinese jurisdictions. The data is protected by the FADP and the GDPR.
  • SwissTransfer does not use the data for other purposes, e.g. to drive AI or to target advertising
  • SwissTransfer permanently deletes the data after the period of validity of the transfers
  • Infomaniak is a Swiss cloud service provider that is completely independent of the web giants.

Up until now, users have had to use online services such as WeTransfer or storage solutions such as Google Drive to send large files.
The downside of these services? User files are blithely dispersed in the global cloud, exposing them directly to the indiscretions of authorities that are notoriously disrespectful of confidentiality and privacy.

Marc Oehler, CEO of Infomaniak, emphasises a familiar pattern:

“For lack of a credible alternative, companies too often resign themselves to sharing their files, even temporarily, on servers the location of which and thus the actual confidentiality they do not know.” He explains: “By launching, Infomaniak offers a more powerful and secure alternative for transferring files, thereby contributing to a more privacy-friendly web.”

With, you make no concessions on data privacy. Users benefit free of charge from extensive control options, an ecological infrastructure and legislation that complies with Swiss and European privacy requirements.