Infomaniak has launched Swiss Backup, the data backup solution for businesses and individuals for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, as well as Linux and Synology NAS servers. Like a true digital safe, the service offers a turnkey solution to protect users from the ever more frequent threats to data. Designed for easy business and home use, Swiss Backup is one of the most complete and secure backup solutions on the market.

Extremely competitive, Swiss Backup is priced from CHF 2.40/month for 200 GB and it is possible to test the product free of charge for 90 days without any obligation at all.

How can you be sure never to lose your data?

Is your data safe in the event of a problem? Is your backup plan regularly tested? Will it resist current threats, such as ransomware?

Whether due to handling errors, accidents, planned obsolescence of hardware or cybercrime, data has never been so threatened.

Even though the loss of data often causes irreparable consequences, it is clear that many users do not take the right precautions upstream. Through lack of awareness of the risks or technical know-how, or because it is considered tedious and repetitive, the backup of digital data is often neglected or not carried out correctly.

Swiss Backup: for easy backup of your workstations, servers and mobile devices

Through active protection against ransomware, and automatic and encrypted backup of files, workstations (Windows, Mac, Linux), iOS and Android mobile devices, and servers (Linux, Synology, etc.), Swiss Backup guarantees the availability and integrity of data under all circumstances.

Stored in Infomaniak’s Tier 3+ datacentres that are exclusively located in Switzerland, data is stored on three different storage media, with total respect for privacy. Swiss Backup benefits from the guarantees of a recognised, neutral and independent hosting service that is protected by Swiss law.

At last, “real” backup made easy

Just enable and forget: Swiss Backup requires no special knowledge or monitoring. Designed for easy assimilation, the Infomaniak backup solution works behind the scenes to ensure the possibility of recovering data quickly, regardless of the circumstances.

Compatible with all systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS), Swiss Backup secures not only workstations, but also iPhones, Android mobiles, network storage disks (NAS) or entire servers. It can also be used with Cyberduck and Mountain Duck software as a network disk for Windows and macOS.

Swiss Backup groups all the features that you can demand of a cutting-edge backup service. The solution offers Acronis, the most powerful and secure backup software on the market, free of charge. Thanks to an intuitive interface, it enables the scheduling and automation of incremental or differential backups, the quick creation and recovery of a system image, and file compression.

A true digital safe, Swiss Backup secures data thanks to automatic AES-256 encryption in datacentres that are exclusively maintained and controlled by Infomaniak in Switzerland. Users can also encrypt their data before sending it with Acronis or the solution of their choice. In this case, they alone hold the key that enables them to decrypt their data. This type of “off-site” encrypted and redundant backup corresponds to the highest standards of security and privacy in the industry.

The backup solution designed for professionals, businesses and organisations

Whether they are self-employed, shop owners, lawyers, doctors, etc., professionals and SMEs benefit from a complete and unique solution to protect their data.

“With this extremely high guarantee of security, Swiss Backup not only protects the integrity of data, but also ensures the reputation of businesses as trusted providers.” Marc Oehler, COO of Infomaniak.

Swiss Backup can ideally replace an existing backup plan to reduce costs and guarantee a faultless level of data security.

Swiss Backup makes it possible to secure huge quantities of data for the backup of network storage servers (NAS) or Linux servers (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, etc.). With the free technology deployed by Swiss Backup, businesses and organisations can protect all their data at a reduced cost, without being governed by proprietary technology. Thanks to OpenStack Swift Keystone 3 compatibility, businesses preserve the choice of their software solution.

Moreover, all Infomaniak services are fully compliant with the European data protection regulation (GDPR).

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