Infomaniak is continuing to develop its professional webmail service by launching Infomaniak Sync, a free application to synchronise WorkSpace contacts and calendars with Android devices.

Infomaniak Sync can be installed directly from the Play Store and enables you to quickly access your contacts and calendars in native Android applications, with no configuring required. Based on the Open Source DAVDroid solution and CardDAV and CalDAV technologies, Infomaniak Sync is both fast and secure. The app enables the two-way synchronisation of data: modifications made on one device are propagated to WorkSpace and vice versa.

Synch your WorkSpace contacts and calendars with Infomaniak Sync for Android

To use Infomaniak Sync, you must have a WorkSpace account and an email address managed by Infomaniak.

How to get Infomaniak Sync:

  1. Download and install the Infomaniak Sync application from the Play Store
  2. Open the app
  3. Enter your WorkSpace (Infomaniak Manager) login details
  4. Choose the contacts and calendars to sync
  5. Start the synchronisation

Synchronise your WorkSpace tasks with Infomaniak Sync for Android

It is possible to extend the features of Infomaniak Sync to manage task synchronisation. To do so, you must also download and install the free OpenTasks application. If necessary, you can consult this guide.

Do you have an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.)?

Infomaniak facilitates the synchronisation of your iOS contacts, calendars and emails thanks to the synchronisation assistant. In just a few clicks, it creates a profile that is ready to download to your device to automatically configure and activate synchronisation.

The Infomaniak synchronisation assistant is a fast and easy way to sync WorkSpace with all your devices, regardless of your system.

If necessary, you can consult this guide, which shows you how to configure the synchronisation of iOS devices.

WorkSpace: a professional reference that is in full development

Infomaniak Sync is among the many improvements being prepared for the next version of WorkSpace, the Swiss reference for professional webmail. WorkSpace 3 will come out in 2019 and will integrate new features developed by Infomaniak to satisfy the ever-growing needs of users. You can read this article to discover all the details of this major evolution.

How to obtain WorkSpace.

WorkSpace is available for free with