In Valais, Corporate IT Cloud Services supports companies who want to benefit from the competitiveness of the cloud while enjoying the best security and data privacy guarantees. The company calls on flexible, secure online tools that are easy to deploy, such as the Infomaniak Email Service for corporate messaging. Corporate IT also calls on Infomaniak services to manage all the domain names and DNS records of its customers.

Corporate IT Cloud Services: developing the digital ecosystem of SMEs

Corporate IT is a local service provider for SMEs, hotels, restaurants, craftsmen and businesses in the region of Crans-Montana. Website creation, security, support, troubleshooting, IT infrastructure, communication, productivity tools: the company relies on remote collaborative organisation and flexible online solutions.

SMEs and freelancers regularly call on Corporate IT to develop their IT services with strong security (ransomware, hacking threats, disaster recovery plan, etc.) and privacy guarantees.

The challenges

  • To deploy a corporate messaging solution in the cloud in order to increase the productivity and enhance the security of SMEs.
  • To provide an alternative to Microsoft Exchange on-premise in order to reduce complexity and operating costs.
  • To offer the best possible confidentiality and privacy guarantees

kMail the secure, flexible solution for modernising SME messaging services

1 – Easy to deploy on customers’ premises

The integration approach is clearly designed for companies. The Infomaniak Email Service provides genuine implementation ergonomics, thereby lowering deployment and operating costs for our customers. Fabrice Corbaz, Founder of Corporate IT

Having a centralised cloud solution allows us to manage remote deployments and ensures we remain flexible.

Via the dashboard, we define unified messaging service settings. It is easy, for example, to standardise the signatures, out-of-office replies and security settings for all users within a company.

The same is true when creating users: we only need do the work once. We define the users’ rights (are they authorised to change their password, retrieve deleted emails, change their out-of-office reply, enable forwarding rules, etc.) and the new addresses which automatically inherit the correct settings. To create numerous addresses, we only need to import a list with a .CSV extension, and this also works for a migration from Microsoft 365.

To migrate existing data, wizards make it possible to retrieve users’ old emails, contacts and appointments automatically. Here again, it is possible to migrate several email addresses with .CSV file, thereby saving a considerable amount of time.

2 – Convivial and intuitive for the end users

Email management is convivial and efficient. A customer can welcome a new employee by creating their email address autonomously. It simply involves opening a browser tab to be operational. The Infomaniak messaging solution removes the complexity of an email software that you need to learn how to use, update, etc., thereby avoiding the need for support from us. The other advantage of this approach is that the users remain in an ecosystem that is secure at all times.

kMail is flexible and enables our customers to continue using Microsoft Outlook for emails, contacts and diaries or to opt for the Infomaniak online ecosystem. Fabrice Corbaz

The end users can consult their messaging service in the office or when travelling via all their devices. kMail offers us an easy means of keeping step with the corporate trend of “bring your own device/PC” (BYOD). We can guarantee end users easy access to their data on all their peripherals via the automatic contacts and diaries synchronization wizard.

3 – Secure and independent while respecting privacy

kMail is a full email solution which reduces the complexity of customers’ email infrastructures.

If we need to modernise email infrastructures which may have become obsolete, the Infomaniak security and data privacy guarantees encourage customers to take the step and enter the cloud. Fabrice Corbaz

In the event of a system problem, the messaging service is not directly affected and remains available via a different point of access, for example a mobile device. Messaging service security is delegated to Infomaniak, as this is their main activity. We focus on implementing good security practices for customers via the dashboard: password lengths, double authentication, spam filter, etc.

Our customers want tangible proof of security, as emails contain a great deal of confidential information. Unlike other solutions, Infomaniak offers numerous guarantees in this respect:

  • independent webmail developed from A to Z in Switzerland by Infomaniak
  • data stored exclusively in Switzerland
  • on data analysis
  • sovereign hardware and software infrastructure

4 – A unified administration console for all customers and their products

The partner account enables us to manage all our customer accounts via a single interface. We can manage several customers in parallel with different products, providing clear and precise invoice monitoring.

Furthermore, we manage numerous domain names and its is very useful to have an interface which enables us to manage everything in one place. We know that we don’t need to look for functions elsewhere, such as:

  • changing DNS zone / pointing a domain towards an external DNS
  • managing dynamic IP addresses for the IoT and NAS
  • connecting Wix, Shopify, etc. easily via a wizard
  • activating free, professional SSL certificates for companies
  • taking out insurance to protect domains against loss and theft

To conclude, Infomaniak is a dynamic company which regularly develops its offers, which is very reassuring and greatly appreciated by our customers.

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