Beginning this July, all sites which have not been secured with a SSL certificate will be indicated by a security warning on the internet browser. We therefore recommend that you install a SSL certificate on your sites as a matter of urgency if you have not already done so. If you need to, do not hesitate to launch a call for tenders (free and with no commitment) to find a professional.

This warning will be displayed on all pages

With nearly 60% of the market, Chrome is the first browser to take this step. We can reasonably expect that it will be joined very soon by its competitors through a gradual implementation, such as that envisaged by Mozilla Firefox in its post on security.

Security warning as it will be displayed.

The security warnings displayed in the browsers were up to that point reserved just for those pages which collect data such as login details, email addresses and passwords. Beginning this July, all non-secure pages will be flagged up by a warning to discourage visitors.

You need to secure your sites

Securing your website is now a must.

As they become better informed, the public is turning away from non-secure sites which do not instill confidence in favour of sites which are perceived to be more trustworthy. Secure sites also enjoy higher ranking in search results.

Infomaniak supports HTTPS becoming more democratic

As an official partner of Let’s Encrypt, Infomaniak firmly believes that HTTPS should be standard on the Internet. All new sites created with Infomaniak are automatically protected by a SSL certificate, and Infomaniak allows you to install SSL certificates free of charge in just one click an all your hostings. You can therefore secure your site in a few seconds with a certificate delivered by the certification authority Let’s Encrypt, also supported by the Mozilla foundation.

Sites with a SSL certificate will be highlighted by search engines and browsers.

Enable HTTPS in order to avoid being penalised

In order to ensure that you do not miss out on precious traffic, we strongly recommend that you install a SSL certificate on your sites by this July. With Infomaniak, this transition is extremely easy and only requires a few minutes if you are using a CMS like WordPress.

Help and guides for installing a SSL certificate