With the new admin interface, we now offer more flexibility and possibilities with our products. We have overhauled our entire system in order to create a more intuitive, scalable admin console. As with all our products, the new admin console was entirely designed and developed in-house in Geneva. This enables us to guarantee the control and security of our services.

1 interface for controlling everything

Esthetically pleasing and designed to simplify the management of your Infomaniak products, the new admin console lets you administer all of our services in one place.

If you already use WorkSpace or one of our new products, the new interface will already look familiar to you. It will no longer be necessary to switch from one admin console to another in order to manage all your products.

More advantageous because it’s much more flexible

It is now possible to configure most of our web solutions à la carte.

For example, if you only need a professional email hosting, you no longer have to pay for a web hosting that you don’t need. Similarly, it is possible to order a web hosting without having us manage your email, which once again allows you to reduce your costs.

Furthermore, the new admin console supports multisite management. The same hosting contract now allows you to design multiple websites each with their own domain name. If necessary, you can even adjust the disk space of your hosting up to 200 GB. That way, you won’t risk feeling cramped.

Whether you use WordPress, Joomla, ownCloud or other content management systems (CMS), our new admin interface allows 1-click install over 100 web apps.

How do I migrate to the new admin console?

  • Migration is not mandatory. For now, we have not planned to stop the old services.
  • All new customers will automatically get to use the new admin console.
  • If you already use one of our services with the old admin console, you can migrate to the new admin interface. However, a simplified migration will be deployed in the month of May in order to further facilitate this upgrade.