We have added two features to our new admin console: quick menu and search. These developments are part of the many improvements we will be making to the new admin console in the coming months to increase your productivity and simplify the use of our products.

Quick menu: switching from one product to another. In one click.

To switch from one product to another in your admin console, you now just need to click on Quick Menu. Its icon is permanently displayed on the blue bar at the top of your admin console and lets you access all your products in one click, without reloading the page you are on. Convenient and fast.

Search: find what you need. Quickly.

To help you quickly access the dashboard for a product, find a paid invoice or manage the rights of a user, we have introduced a quick search function that you can get to at any time from the blue bar at the top of your admin console.

For example, to create a new email address with one of your domain names, now you just need to search the domain in question to directly reach the appropriate dashboard table.