Infomaniak simplifies mailing by tackling large attachments. A feature that users ahve long been waiting for, the mailing of large files is now integrated into WorkSpace. Infomaniak’s Swiss webmail now manages up to 100 attachments at 3 GB of data per sent message to enable you to easily exchange all types of files.

In practice, messaging services generally block attachments larger than 25 MB. To transmit a large volume of data, it was necessary until now to circumvent the problem by splitting your attachments between several emails, by using an external temporary hosting service like WeTransfer, or by using physical media like a USB flash drive. These solutions, however, have their limits and involve compromising practicality and data confidentiality.

The new feature integrated into WorkSpace resolves all these problems:

  • Large attachments are stored in Switzerland in the Infomaniak Cloud
  • Large files are automatically converted into a link for downloading
  • Your recipients who are not yet using Infomaniak can easily download your large attachments

Easily send very large attachments

You don’t need to change anything, the new feature automatically takes care of everything. Drag/drop files to attach to your email as you normally would. Attachments are converted within the body of the email into a link for downloading. It is even possible to define the period of validity and the number of downloads authorised by your link.

Everyone can receive your large files

Your recipients will be able to download your attachments by clicking on the download link included in your email:

This new feature is part of the ongoing improvements to our products. In the next few months, we will begin designing WorkSpace’s future interface while this service continues to evolve.

How can you benefit from WorkSpace?

WorkSpace is a professional alternative to Gmail which respects your private life and the confidentiality of your data. The collaborative suite hosted in Switzerland unifies and synchronises emails, calendars, contacts, favourites and SMS on all devices.

To enjoy its benefits, you simply: