As we announced in our 2017 roadmap, the Infomaniak admin console is about to gradually evolve: easier to learn, compatible with mobiles and tablets, and fully customizable using APIs.

A gradual deployment

The deployment of the new interface will begin on 4 April, and will be spread out over several months. This evolution will make it even easier to manage Infomaniak products, and you won’t have to do anything in particular in order to benefit from these improvements. You will automatically switch to the new interface when you access features that have already been deployed.

On 4 April, the following features will be managed using the new interface:

  • The admin console home page
  • Managing users’ personal information
  • Managing user rights (Find out more)
  • Managing Synology NAS

Eventually, all Infomaniak products will gradually be managed using this new interface.

No getting lost

Doing this in fewer clicks, finding that faster. And all from your mobile or tablet.

The new interface maintains the same logic as the one you’re currently using to manage your products, while improving it considerably. We have done everything we can to offer you the best possible experience based on your feedback since the launch of our current console.

In addition to further simplifying the management of your products, this change will be supported by an API that opens the way to designing automation scripts, plugins for your CMS, and fully customized management interfaces.

We are always on hand, 7 days a week

Throughout the deployment phase, our support will of course be available to answer your questions and our guides will be gradually updated as a result.

We are happy to share these improvements which will simplify your everyday life with you, and we thank you for your confidence and your loyalty.