Who has not experienced that moment of dread just after having clicked on the “send” button to send an email? Despite several re-readings, it is precisely at that moment – but too late! – that we realize we have forgotten some important information, an attachment or an important recipient.

Infomaniak facilitates the management of your emails with a new feature that is built into the workspace: it is now possible to cancel the sending of your e-mails in order to change them. For any new email sent, a message appears automatically and offers a chance to cancel the sending of your message. It is a welcome second chance to those in a hurry.

By default, the time period for sending is configured to 15 seconds, but it is possible to increase it up to 30 seconds in your workspace settings. Users can of course disable this feature at their own risk and peril.

High performing email 100% Swiss made !

The Infomaniak WorkSpace is an excellent alternative to GMail and to client mail like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail. Created and hosted in Switzerland, its price-quality ratio is unbeatable. With more than 20 years of experience and nearly 1 million email addresses under its management, Infomaniak guarantees a reliable and secure service.

Workspace allows you to synchronize emails, contacts and calendars, regardless of the device used: computer, tablet or smartphone. In addition, it offers an instant messaging service and SMS messaging. The mail system offers all of the features useful to individuals or SMES: sharing calendars, synchronization, automatic responses, signatures, filters, records management, etc.

Finally, WorkSpace offers one of the best anti-spam filters on the market and emails or attachments infected by viruses are automatically excluded.